Installation Issues at GUI

Installation instruction can be found here. You can also post issues that you found during ictdialer installation.

Re: Installation Issues at GUI

Postby falak » Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:20 am

First error is due to missing "dom extension" in your PHP installation on your system. If you are at CentOS then you can install "php-xml" extension using "sudo yum install php-xml" command at command line.

Second error is due to the permission issues. Drupal requires to have enough permission to create a "files" directory at "your-installation/sites/default/files" path. You can manually create this folder and give it proper read write permission or simply run "chmod 777 files" in the default directory.

Drupal installer may require you to create a settings.php file at above given path. Solution is the same as given above. Here you should first copy of default.settings.php and then paste it. Now rename the newly created copied file to settings.php. Set its permission to "chmod 777 settings.php".

Last is the warning. You can leave it as it is and click a link at the bottom of the page asking you to "Proceed" with the installation.
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