Setting up a SIP Provider Trunk (Gateway) in ICTDialer

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Setting up a SIP Provider Trunk (Gateway) in ICTDialer

Postby falak » Fri May 25, 2012 11:39 am

Setting up a new Trunk provider is very easy in the new version of ICTDialer. Now you don't need to change the source code for setting trunks. Follow the given steps:

1. Add a new SIP gateway trunk in the freeswitch. Please consult on how to do it in freeswitch.
2. Reload or restart freeswitch.
3. Go to ICTDialer Web interface and Login as admin.
4. Go to Admin => Broadcast System => Broadcast Gateways => Plivo Settings.
5. In the Provider trunk field, write the name of the "gateway" that you setup in Freeswitch.
6. Save and Enjoy
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