agents/extension how to create them?

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Re: agents/extension how to create them?

Postby falak » Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:35 pm

Yes, Agent functionality is new and there is no direct way to create agents at the moment in ICTDialer. Agent extension functionality can be utilized through IVR designer. Manual will be updated soon.

You need to perform following steps to utilize agent extensions functionality:
1. Create a local user extension in Freeswitch. Usually users 1000 to 1019 are already created. You can simply use any of them. For example, you can register with user 1001 in some softphone e.g. zoiper.
2. Create an entry for this user in the ICTDialer in Agents/extension portion. Create a new Agent/Extension and enter 1001 in the number field and save.
3. Create a new IVR in IVR Designer. Design your workflow they you want it to be (for detail see IVR manual). In IVR, you'll see a Call transfer application. This application allows you to transfer call to some agent. Set transfer number in this application from dropdown e.g. 1001.
4. Now create a voice campaign and select newly created IVR to broadcast.

Hope you understand how to use agent extensions in ICTDialer. We'll soon update the manual with examples on how to use agent extensions.
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