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Postby falak » Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:43 am

In the Broadcast modules folder, Go to the "gateway" sub folder and then in "plivo" sub folder, open "broadcast_plivo.module" file. In this file, locate the following line (around line number 424):

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$extra_dial_string = "bridge_early_media=true,hangup_after_bridge=false";

Replace above line with the following line:

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$extra_dial_string = "bridge_early_media=true,hangup_after_bridge=false,origination_caller_id_name='Caller Name'";

This will set the caller id name for every call. To set caller id name from GUI campaign form, you'll need to modify the GUI and then set the variable value in the above line instead of hard-coded value.

NOTE: be careful there is single quote in caller id name value. If it doesn't work try removing single quotes. There is another variable "effective_caller_id_name" that can also be tested instead of origination_caller_id_name.
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