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Re: Calls Dropped

PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:16 pm
by falak
You can post log to see what actually is causing the calls to drop after answer. There are three different logs that you can check.

Freeswitch log:

GUI log:
Login as Admin -> Reports -> Recent log messages

Backend log:
cat /tmp/mytest.txt

Then I can tell what is the problem.

Re: Calls Dropped

PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:18 pm
by falak
The log shows that your call is placed and after answer it just hangs up without playing anything on the call. If you have run a voice broadcasting campaign, then possible outcome in the log after answer would be to playback the recording. But that is not shown anywhere in the log and immediately after answer call hangs up with status NORMAL_CLEARING.

2013-03-15 04:45:41.764692 [DEBUG] switch_channel.c:3011 (sofia/external/+2347037801188) Callstate Change ACTIVE -> HANGUP
2013-03-15 04:45:41.764692 [NOTICE] mod_dptools.c:1173 Hangup sofia/external/+2347037801188 [CS_RESET] [NORMAL_CLEARING]

In your previous log, the reason to hang up call was different i.e. ALLOTTED_TIMEOUT.

+OK hangup all channels matching [plivo_request_uuid]=[becef516-8d22-11e2-9fc4-001e90cf629d] with cause: ALLOTTED_TIMEOUT

2013-03-15 04:50:35.183292 [DEBUG] switch_scheduler.c:138 Deleting task 4 sched_api_function (becefcd2-8d22-11e2-9fc4-001e90cf629d)
2013-03-15 04:50:41.183292 [DEBUG] mod_commands.c:4159 Command hupall(ALLOTTED_TIMEOUT plivo_request_uuid c5117930-8d22-11e2-9fc4-001e90cf629d):
+OK hangup all channels matching [plivo_request_uuid]=[c5117930-8d22-11e2-9fc4-001e90cf629d] with cause: ALLOTTED_TIMEOUT

I don't know what is the reason behind these two different logs. But few things as a checklist you can do before running a campaign are:
Is your recording file created in the sites/default/files/broadcast/recording directory?
Have you checked your uploaded recording file by running in some player?
If everything is right in recording, then try running an originate command on fs_cli using the playback application (see freeswitch wiki for more detail).

Re: Calls Dropped

PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:31 am
by nasir
In case someone still have this issue, please update your installation with new version of ICTDialer 2.0
To solve this issue in new version we have replaced Plivo with ICTCore